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Montauk Emerging
A novel by
Joseph Williamson

From the back cover of the book:
What appeared to be urban legends and ghost stories is more true than we know; and now, empowered by the technological wizardry of cutting-edge science, some unknowable evil is from Montauk Emerging.

An ancient family is once more drawn into a fight older than time itself. Watchmen at the gate, guarding against what so eagerly, so hungrily watched back. That otherness beyond the gate; watching, waiting, ever lurking for their opportunity to return and possess what was never theirs to posses. A family who through the centuries has been called upon to sacrifice the best of their generations on the battlefield between good and evil. An evil more ancient and spiteful than man’s imagination could encompass had come through into our world. Something else, something other, something totally opposed to man and what he may ultimately become.

Through the long centuries one family has stood watch. Having fled across oceans to avoid persecution, they settled on this sheltered island off the coast of New York. Yet they continued to stand on the wall, quietly living their lives in the times between, cherishing life all the more because they knew the call may come to risk loosing everything in a desperate battle to save all they love. This has ever been the sacrifice of true leaders.

Through the long centuries, this family maintained contact with those better angels we so often seek. Working on those higher planes, they learn of the true threat emerging from the portals opened by the Project Paperclip scientists. The threat comes from another dimension which science has yet to understand. While their true goals remain a mystery, they know these Others have possessed the hearts and minds of those in power. And in doing so, they push their plans forward against an unwary humanity. Plans which are inimical to what man is and all he may yet become.

Provenance draws about them kindred spirits to make their stand. Even some looking for redemption. A former Army Ranger comes into their midst: a man hardened in the far away crucible of war who becomes part of their innermost circle and himself a keeper of arcane secrets. For while those better angels stand ready to help, the truth is: this is our fight and must be fought by our hands. That is the legacy this family takes up willingly. Once more something evil has slipped in through the cracks. Once more they answer the call. Once more the battle for humanity is joined.

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Urban legends tell us was something happened at Montauk Point, at the once top secret army base there known as Camp Hero. It is often related to the Philadelphia Experiment, you know the disappearance of the USS Eldridge from the Philadelphia Navy Yard. The Montauk researches had been said to include time travel, travel to alternate realities and alternate dimensions. Then there are the rumors about things coming through from the other side into our reality, things like the Montauk beast and perhaps even the Montauk Monsters.

The rumors about Camp Hero on Montauk Point, were all about high energy physics and cutting edge science. And there were even wilder rumors that included everything up to the very edge of black magic. But it's all just stories, right. You know, it's all just myths and urban legends. None of it's true, right?

But, what if the stories are true.
What if the stories we know aren't the complete picture.
What if there was much more out there. Pieces we haven't connected yet.
What if the real story is larger and more terrifying than we realize.

That's what we want to tell you, an entertaining story… just a story stringing together some newly revealed information in a new way. A way that we hope is wrong.

Montauk Point was supposed to be about research and using the potential psychic abilities latent in all of us, then using sophisticated electronics and high power energy supplies to increase whatever ability was there. The Russians were rumored to have similar projects and the Americans didn't want to be left behind. At first the project was little more than a high-tech crystal ball. But then the rumors began to circulate that they had learned how to send matter, material objects, even living people through portals into other dimensions, even into other times. Soon the rumors changed. The researchers had made contact with something from the other side. Something non-human; something not us. That's when the project took a different turn. Information came back about new technology: hardware and electronics, software too. Then there was the "soft technology" about genetic engineering and bio-weapons, about creating new forms of food and new types of people. There was even the physical evidence of the "Montauk Monsters" washing ashore on Long Island beaches. The word trans-human began to have real meaning. Were these failed experiments or only the first steps.

Yet the early Montauk researchers left their task undone. It was left to latter researchers to find new doorways, new portals that opened into other dimensions. The urban legends had the first researchers shutting down in August of 1982. Something terrible had come through, a real monster. A creature called forth by the mind of one of the researchers. Supposedly the camp was destroyed, partly by the creature and partly by the researchers hoping that by destroying their equipment, they could close the door.

But man had left the doors open far too long. Now these Ausslanders, these Others have taken control of of the portal gates, and what they are bringing through to accomplish their real plans is truly terrifying

All their promised technology was only a beachhead, only a first step, only a lie to cover the truth of their real plans. The truth was those Others were interested in more than just sharing information with us. They had their own plans for our world. Soon they were here in physical form, working on their own research projects, projects which no longer needed human help or interference. Projects for which we had no understanding of their techniques or their true goals. One clear pattern began to emerge: These Others were here to open our world to occupation by the entities of their worlds, of their dimensions.

Welcome to a new take on Montauk Point. Where the old practices and sacrifices of centuries old ritual magic have been replaced by high-energy physics and computer control. There may be far more to Montauk than we have considered. It may be just one element in a far broader series of plans and projects. Here on this Long Island outpost, the very tip of the New World, we made contact with other New Worlds. And like the Europeans who conquered this New World, these new arrivals had plans of their own, plans inimical to man.

Montauk Emerging, a new eBook coming to electronic bookshelves, print-on-demand and your mailbox.

Montauk Emerging.
The threat is no longer coming.
The threat is here. Now.

er, it's only a book, just a story.
You can leave a light on if you like; it may make you feel safer.
But it won't protect you from what is emerging from Montauk.

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The Montauk Researchers: Opening our world onto the shores of another dimension

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